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Edinburgh – or bust

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London, UK. 05.04.2017. Thunder’s Mouth Theatre presents “Yes! Because”, starring Flloyd Kennedy, at Bread and Roses Theatre, London. Photograph © Jane Hobson.

So near and yet so far… We’ve been invited to bring the show to Edinburgh on 21st September, but need to raise the funds to cover our costs (travel, accommodation, publicity) – around £250 would do it.

So I’ve instigated a campaign to sell tickets in advance, £10 each. And for anyone who wants to support us, but can’t get to Edinburgh to see the show there, I’m offering advance downloads of the newly recorded Songs from the show, £10 per download. There are 6 tracks, with 7 songs in the folder.

Click here if you would like to contribute. The form will explain how etc.

Release date for the recorded songs to go on sale online with iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play and all the other sites that go in for that sort of things is – 29th August. But you can get them before that, and help Susannah (my stage manage) and I to get from Westruther to Edinburgh and home again!

Scotland or bust…

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Yes, it is confirmed. We are taking “Yes! Because…” to Scotland, for one night only – but what a night that is going to be.

Absolutely delighted to share with you that we’ve been invited by Live Borders to present the show in the Westruther Village Hall, on Friday 20th September, 2019.

It will be a genuine revival, with director Ira Seidenstein just happening to be stopping off in Liverpool the week before, in the middle of his European teaching tour! Ira’s clown background has been indispensable in the shaping of the production, and he’s been a much loved influence on the evolution of June’s character.

Did I mention that I’m So Excited!

Please help to spread the word, far and wide, whether you can get to Westruther in time or not.

Clown Secret

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Every secret follows after the main one which is that your grace, your talent, your genius, your humour happen when you do two thins at once which are to take conscious control of what you are actually doing physically in space and time, and, while doing that you allow your subconscious to open and guide you”

Ira Seidenstein, “Clown Secret”, 2018. ISBN: 978-0-6484216-0-3

I’m delighted to report that Ira’s wonderful book is now available pretty much worldwide.  It’s a very entertaining read, full of amazingly generously shared exercises, concepts, experiences, anecdotes – a most worthwhile addition to your library.  Paperback and eBook both available.  Click on the image below.

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